Rab® Wash: Specialist Down Wash Service

As a brand specializing in Down products, we would always recommend having down items professionally cleaned. Rab® down products can be home cleaned, however, this can be a difficult and time-consuming job. The drying process alone can take several hours and down products need to be handled with care whilst wet when they are at their most fragile

If you wish to have your Rab® down item professionally cleaned please click HERE


Terms and Conditions

  • We are unable to wash items which are damaged but a repair will be offered prior to cleaning - if your item is damaged, please complete the Repair’s Form HERE
  • We are unable to guarantee stains will be removed from soiled fabrics,
  • If your item is heavily soiled/has been stored incorrectly, or is over 5 years of age we cannot guarantee that the down will be fully restored,
  • We cannot wash waterproof down garments,
  • This service is only available to Rab® items.
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