Storing & Washing Down


Store uncompressed out of direct sunlight in a dry, cool place. If your down product gets damp, air thoroughly and make sure it is completely dry before storing. If the product is still damp after airing a short program in a tumble dryer on a cool setting should restore the loft.




If you would like to have your Rab down product professionally cleaned, please click here to purchase a no-fuss, professional Rab Wash service.


Rab down products can be home cleaned, however, this is a time-consuming job as the drying process requires special attention and can take several hours. Please give it careful consideration before starting; box wall garments and sleeping bags may require you to redistribute the down after washing. Allow at least 3-4 hours for a jacket and 6-8 hours for a sleeping bag.

  • Hand or machine wash on a gentle 30ºC cycle with a specialised agent (such as Nikwax Down Wash Direct )
  • Rinse to make sure there is no soap residue present within the product. If you are cleaning a box walled product, when removing it from the washing machine ensure that the weight of the item is supported by ‘cradling’ it in a bath towel or similar. Failure to do so may result in damage to the down compartments,
  • Immediate tumble drying should commence in a front-loading dryer on a cool setting.
  • Remove the item from the dryer every 20-30 minutes, manipulating the down within the baffles to restore loft,
  • Avoid the temptation to remove the item from the dryer too soon. Although the outer fabrics may feel dry and warm to the touch, the down contained within the baffles can still be clumped by moisture,
  • Drying time varies depending on the jacket style and size but can take anywhere from 4 - 5 hours,
  • When finished it is advisable to store your jacket or sleeping bag uncompressed in a dry, cool place. Airing should continue for two days before use.

I have washed my down jacket but it doesn’t look right


If you have washed your down garment at home but all of the down has got clumped together or it looks like it has disappeared from the baffles - Don’t worry! This shouldn’t mean that your jacket is faulty or that you have damaged it permanently. This is generally just the result of an incorrectly dried garment and the down is most likely either clumped together or it has migrated into neighbouring baffles and needs to be moved back again. In order to fix the clumping issue, please re-wash your jacket and carefully follow the drying instructions provided above. 


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